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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Strong Leaders Arise to the Top

A thought that I have been recently pondering is this: when it comes to leadership, time is either an amazing ally or an incredible enemy. I say this because time has the ability to reveal people for who they really are as leaders. Some people can for a short period of time portray themselves as a strong leader, yet as time passes it becomes harder and harder to maintain that image. When situation continually arise that are outside of their scope of leadership, followers overlook at first, but eventually start taking notice. Time does exactly the opposite for a true leader of what it does for the weak leader. As situations occur around true leaders, they perform and people notice. If the individual is a very strong leader, people slowly begin to realign themselves behind the leader. It is natural that individuals only align themselves behind stronger leaders than themselves. Only for particular purposes do strong leaders align themselves behind weaker leaders, yet for the most part, people with strong leadership abilities emerge as the top leader. This is why positional leadership can only give you a head start; it cannot sustain leadership.

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Holly said...

Hey, Paul, I was just browsing through the Regent bloggers page and recognized you as someone who had helped me out with some questions I had about Regent quite a while back via Facebook...just wanted to thank you and let you know I ended up transferring to Regent and am finishing up my first session right now. Thanks for the input!

God bless,

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